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UFC 122: Duane Ludwig Beats Nick Osipczak by Split Decision

Duane Ludwig and Nick Osipczak battled for 15 minutes Saturday at UFC 122, with Osipczak hurting Ludwig early on but then tiring out as the fight wore on, and Ludwig walking away with a hard-fought split decision.

An emotional Ludwig dedicated the fight afterward to his newborn son -- whom Ludwig hasn't met, because he's been in Germany getting ready for the fight.

"I had my little boy three days ago, Little Duane Bang Ludwig," he said after the fight. "I love you, buddy. I can't wait to meet you."

The fight was a late addition to the main card after the Alessio Sakara-Jorge Rivera co-main event was scrapped at the last minute because Sakara was experiencing flu-like symptoms. Ludwig and Osipczak delivered with an exciting, fast-paced fight in which Osipczak seemed to have the advantage early on.

In the third round, however, Osipczak appeared to be either hurt or exhausted, and he could barely fight anymore. Ludwig eked out the win thanks to the third round, winning 29-28 on two judges' cards while losing 30-28 on one card.

Ludwig joked afterward that the fight all went according to his Simpsons-inspired plan.

"I was watching The Simpsons, and Homer tries to take a beating to wear the guy out," Ludwig said. "That's what I tried to do."

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