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UFC 122: Amir Sadollah Beats Peter Sobotta by Unanimous Decision

Former Ultimate Fighter winner Amir Sadollah easily defeated Germany's own Peter Sobotta Saturday at UFC 122 in Oberhausen, Germany, taking a unanimous decision.

"He's a super tough guy, definitely on his way up," Sadollah said afterward of the 23-year-old Sobotta.

But it was the 30-year-old Sadollah who was clearly the superior fighter in the Octagon on Saturday. Although Sobotta fought hard, this fight was never really in doubt.

The first round was fought entirely standing up, and it was a round that Sadollah deserved to win because he was the one controlling the action and going on the attack, even though he didn't really do much damage and missed with many of his attempts. They clinched against the fence for part of the round, with Sobotta trying to get Sadollah down but never budging him.

In the second round Sadollah started going after Sobotta's legs with kicks, and although Sadollah seemed a little more cautious than he needed to be, Sadollah wore Sobotta down and even knocked him down at the end of the round. Sobotta tried to get creative with a spinning back kick and wheel kick, but the former didn't do any damage and the latter actually ended up with Sobotta falling down.

By the third round Sobotta's legs were wobbling from Sadollah's kicks, and Sadollah continued to attack. Sobotta deserves credit for continuing to fight throughout, but it was clear that Sadollah would win the decision. All three judges scored it for Sadollah, 30-27.

The win improved Sadollah's professional MMA record to 4-2, and although the fight didn't do anything to make anyone think of Sadollah as a great fighter, he'll continue appearing on Spike TV cards. Sobotta, who falls to 8-4, will probably have to win a few fights in some smaller promotions before he'll be back in the UFC.

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