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Rampage Jackson on Lyoto Machida: 'He's So Boring I Go to Sleep'

Rampage JacksonQuinton "Rampage" Jackson's growing celebrity makes him one of the few MMA stars who can do the late-night circuit to promote his fighting career. On Thursday night, Jackson appeared on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to discuss his upcoming UFC 123 fight with Lyoto Machida.

A smiling Jackson appeared well at ease joking around with Ferguson, and while the conversation veered to different topics at times, Jackson did get to take a jab at Machida's style during his appearance. After being asked by Ferguson what he knew about Machida, Jackson laughed.

"I've watched tapes of him fight. I can't stay up. He's so boring I go to sleep, man," Jackson said to a laugh. "It's hard. No disrespect, but he has an awkward style. He does karate. He knows MMA, but he stands like eight feet way. He holds the record for being punched the least because he stands so far away you can't hit him."

The self-effacing Ferguson, who admitted losing his fair share of fights in his day, seemed to think that was a fair strategy.

"I don't know, his style sounds pretty damn good to me," Ferguson joked.

Ferguson also asked Jackson about his nickname, with the former light-heavyweight champion explaining that he got the moniker as a youth due to his temper. Ferguson then asked him if he ever lost his temper in the cage.

"I mostly get angry in sparring, at my sparring partners," he said. "In one fight I lost my temper really bad, but most fights I don't get angry."

Jackson relayed the story of his 2004 PRIDE match with Ricardo Arona -- though he didn't explicitly name him -- explaining that he was supposed to face Arona during a tournament and he "pretended to get hurt to get his teammate in there." Jackson later faced him and Arona partially dislocated Jackson's jaw with a kick.

Jackson said that when Arona falsely told the referee he was knocked out, "that made me lose my temper."

That eventually led to the legendary finishing sequence where Jackson knocked out Arona with a powerbomb slam.

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