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WEC 52 Live Blog: Urijah Faber vs. Takeya Mizugaki Updates

This is the WEC 52 live blog for Urijah Faber vs. Takeya Mizugaki, a bantamweight bout on tonight's WEC on Versus event from The Pearl in Las Vegas.

Urijah Faber (23-4) makes his final WEC appearance in this long-awaited bantamweight debut for the "California Kid." Takeya Mizugaki (13-4) is coming off a win over Rani Yahya by unanimous decision at WEC 48 in April.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Faber trying to punch his way in close to Mizugaki. Faber circles near the cage, lands a right hand and clinches with Mizugaki. They quickly separate and Faber tries to take Mizugaki's back. Faber continues to pressure and is goes back to clinch. Faber connects on an elbow but Mizugaki doesn't flinch. Mizugaki with a high knee to the face. They separate and Mizugaki lands on counter shots. Faber shoots at 1:43 and Mizugaki defends and carefully throws knees. Faber shoves Mizugaki down and goes for a guillotine. Faber switches from the guillotine and hops on Mizugaki's back with a minute left to work for the rear-naked choke. Mizugaki rolls, but he's still caught in the rear-naked choke. Mizugaki chooses to sleep rather than tap.

Faber wins by Technical Submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 1, 4:50

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