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WEC 52 Live Blog: Demetrious Johnson vs. Damacio Page Updates

This is the WEC 52 live blog for Demetrious Johnson vs. Damacio Page, a bantamweight bout on tonight's WEC on Versus event from The Pearl in Las Vegas.

Team Jackson's Damacio Page (15-4) is returning from a shoulder injury which has sidelined him from competing in 2010 until now. Last year Page won both his WEC bouts in a combined 80 seconds. Demetrious Johnson (6-1) of AMC Pankration is 1-1 in the WEC and last defeated Nick Pace at WEC 51 in September.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Page stalks right away and then outright chases after Johnson. They clinch and Page ends up on his back. Page turtles and Johnson sprawls with a front head lock. Page is gets back to his feet and backs off Johnson with a punch. They re-engage and Page completes a hip toss to begin work in side control. Johnson uses the cage to pull halfguard, but Page eventually climbs over to full mount with half the round remaining. Johnson explodes out and Page holds a guillotine. Page releases it and lands another hip toss. Page almost takes full mount, but has to settle for a guillotine -- which allows Johnson to dump Page on his back. Soon after, Page gets back up and holds Johnson's back for the big slam into side control. Johnson escapes his hips to bring the fight to his open guard. 10-9 Page.

Round 2: Johnson throws a high kick and it's blocked. Page continues to push the pace. They clinch and Page lowers for a takedown and Johnson defends with kimura and then a wrist control. However, Page eventually gets past Johnson's defense and controls his back briefly until Johnson escapes. Johnson lands a nasty kick low and Page falls flat on his back. Page takes a breather and the fight resumes. Johnson lands a couple of leg kicks and then times a nice takedown. Page throws elbows off his back and prevents Johnson from building any offense. Page gets back to his feet but he's once again dropped hard with a double-leg takedown. Johnson works from inside of Page's guard. At 14 seconds, Johnson briefly takes mount. The round ends with Johnson fighting for control of Page's back. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 3: They work leg kicks and then trade punches. Johnson wins the exchange, dropping Page. Johnson rushes through into halfguard, but is eventually placed in butterfly guard. Page tries a sweep but Johnson holds on with three minutes left. Page gets to his knees and Johnson grabs a front headlock. Johnson uses the guillotine to push Page back and finishes it from full mount!

Johnson wins by submission (guillotine choke) - Round 3, 2:27
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