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WEC 52 Live Blog: Chad Mendes vs. Javier Vazquez Updates

This is the WEC 52 live blog for Chad Mendes vs. Javier Vazquez, a featherweight bout on tonight's WEC on Versus event from The Pearl in Las Vegas.

Chad Mendes (8-0) is a two-time PAC 10 and two-time D! NCAA All-American in wrestling. With the WEC, Mendes has beaten Cub Swanson, Anthony Morrison and Erik Koch. Javier Vazquez (15-4) is a veteran with wins this year over Jens Pulver and Mackens Semerzier.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Mendes comes out aggressive early with a series of overhand rights. Vazquez looks for the takedown and thinks about pulling guard. Mendes stands over him and lands a few kicks to the legs. They return to their feet and Mendes scores a takedown off a kick. Vazquez pulls rubber guard and lands a few elbows from the bottom. Mendes picks up Vazquez and slams him down, opening up the guard. Vazquez briefly threatens with a triangle. Mendes goes back to the rubber guard and shoots a few more elbows to the head. Vazquez traps Mendes in an oma plata briefly and again goes to elbows. Vazquez has done great work from the bottom but he's been on the bottom most of the round. Judges will probably score it for Mendes but I'll score it for Vazquez for his guard work, 10-9.

Round 2: Back to the mat in the opening 30 seconds. Mendes lands a hard elbow from the top. Vazquez ties him up a bit but Mendes is finding ways to get more offense going in this round, landing strikes sporadically. Midway through, Mendes stands up and eats an upkick. In a great, athletic moment, Mendes front flips in an attempt to pass Vazquez's guard. Vazquez quickly takes Mendes back, and they scramble with Mendes ending on top. Mendes works to the body but they otherwise stalemate, and ref Herb Dean stands them up with 30 seconds left. This was a better round for Mendes, who takes it 10-9.

Round 3: Hard kick to the lead leg for Vazquez early. They seem to settle into standup but Mendes ducks under for a takedown one minute in. Mendes stands over him and Vazquez seizes a pause to return to his feet. Mendes lands a head kick and takes Vazquez down. Vazquez slows him down enough to force a standup with two minutes left. Mendes scores with a punch that draws blood under Vazquez's left eye. Vazquez falls to his back and Mendes takes top position. Mendes stays busy and closes out the round on top, taking it 10-9.

Winner: Chad Mendes via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
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