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WEC 52: Joseph Benavidez Submits Wagnney Fabiano

Joseph Benavidez showed once again at WEC 52 that he's one of the best fighters in mixed martial arts, mixing in an active stand-up attack in the first round with great grappling in the second round to submit Wagnney Fabiano.

"I've got all sorts of guillotines, so I had to try a few out," Benavidez said afterward. "He's a great grappler."

Benavidez was the much more active striker in the first round, mixing in punches and kicks while Fabiano took a mostly defensive posture. Fabiano is often criticized for not being active enough in the cage, and that was the case in the first round, as Fabiano couldn't match Benavidez's pace, and Benavidez easily won the round.

In the second round Benavidez knocked Fabiano down and wasn't afraid to go to the ground with Fabiano, a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt. Benavidez was relentless on the ground, attempting a guillotine choke three different times before he finally got Fabiano to tap. It was a brilliant demonstration of what an impressive, well-rounded fighter Benavidez is.

With the win, Benavidez improved his record to 13-2, with both losses coming to bantamweight champion Domincik Cruz. Although Benavidez won't get a third shot at Cruz any time soon, he'll be one of the best fighters in the UFC's bantamweight division in 2011 and beyond.

Fabiano, however, has never quite lived up to his promise, and he may not be invited when the bantamweights move to the UFC.

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