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Isao Kobayashi Chokes Out Artur Oumakhanov at Pancrase Passion Tour

Isao Kobayashi was one of the few fighters able to make an impression on Wednesday as he choked out 2007 Cage Force GP Champ Artur Oumakhanov in the first round at Pancrase Passion Tour 10. Kobayashi avoided an early kneebar attempt to get his a takedown into guard where he rained in punches to badly daze the Russian and from there, the guilliotine choke that left Oumakhanov unconscious came easily.

Aside from the Kobayashi result, the event was unfortunately largely indecisive as the highly anticipated bouts featuring Sengoku training player Shigeki Osawa, Masanori Kanehara senior Tomonari Kanomata, Masahiro Toryu and Tetsuya Yamada all ended in draws and the the planed semi-main event between Kei Yamamiya and Gadzhi Zaypullaev was cancelled after Zaypullaev was not cleared by doctors to fight due to an injury sustained in training.

Sengoku representative Toru Mukai was visibly disappointed in Osawa's performance. The Sengoku sponsored wrestler was explosive with his takedowns as usual and landed a spectacular suplex in the opening round but while on top, seemed to freeze up and through the majority of the bout did nothing more than hold Kanomata.

Pancrase Passion Tour 10 - Results

Isao Kobayashi def. Artur Oumakhanov by Technical Submission (Guillotine Choke) - Round 1, 4:21
Tomonari Kanomata drew Shigeki Osawa
Kosei Kubota drew Masahiro Toryu
Sojiro Orui def. Yuji Hisamatsu by TKO (Punches) - Round 2, 2:19
Hiroki Aoki drew Tetsuya Yamada
Hiroyuki Nakajima def. Isao Hirose by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) - Round 2, 3:34
Masahiro Oishi def. Hirokazu Nishimura by TKO (Corner Stoppage) - Round 2, 3:46
Ryota Sasaki def. Ryo Saito by TKO (Punches) - Round 2, 2:35
Kenichi Serizawa def. Taku Aramaki by Submission (Armbar) - Round 1, 2:15

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