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Brian Cobb 7.3 Pounds Over Weight for Sengoku 15

All fighters with the exception of Brian Cobb made weight for Saturday's Sengoku Raiden Championship 15 to be held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan and broadcast live from 2 AM Saturday on HDNet.

Cobb, who is scheduled to face Grabaka's Kazunori Yokota, weighed-in 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs) over weight and was not present for the pre-fight press conference as he was still working to lose the excess weight.

Although former SRC featherweight champ Masanori Kanehara and four-time BJJ World Cup champion Leo Santos were forced off the card, a plethora of talent will still be on show as Maximo Blanco takes on Pancrase legend Kiuma Kunioku, Yasubey Enomoto battles the much improved Taisuke "Gouten" Okuno in the welterweight GP semifinals and the seeded fighters enter the quarterfinals of the bantamweight Asia GP.

Sengoku Raiden Championship 15 Weigh-In Results - Oct. 30, Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan

Hiroshi Izumi (92.3 kg / 03.5 lbs)vs. James Zikic (91.8 kg / 202.4 lbs)
Kazunori Yokota (70.2 kg / 154.8 lbs) vs. Brian Cobb (73.3 kg / 161.6 lbs)
Maximo Blanco (70.3 kg / 155 lbs) vs Kiuma Kunioku (69.5 kg / 153.2 lbs)
Kazuo "Yoshiki" Takahashi (92.4 kg / 203.7) vs. Chang Seob Lee (93 kg / 205 lbs)

SRC Welterweight GP Series 2010 Semifinals
Keita "KTaro" Nakamura (77 kg /169.8 lbs) vs. Takuya Wada (77 kg /169.8 lbs)
Yasubey Enomoto (77 kg /169.8 lbs) vs. Taisuke "Gouten" Okuno (77 kg /169.8 lbs)

SRC Bantamweight Asia Tournament 2010 Quarterfinals
Taiyo Nakahara (61.1 kg / 134.7 lbs) vs. Shintaro Ishiwatari (61.1 kg / 134.7 lbs)
Akitoshi Tamura (61.2 kg / 134.9 lbs) vs. Shoko Sato (61 kg / 134.5 lbs)
Shunichi Shimizu (61.2 kg / 134.9 lbs) vs. Wataru Takahashi (61.1 kg / 134.7 lbs)
Manabu Inoue (61.1 kg / 134.7 lbs) vs. Jae Hyun So (61.1 kg / 134.7 lbs)

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