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Brock Lesnar Medically Suspended 180 Days, Made $400K Guaranteed

Brock Lesnar was the loser in a relatively one-sided beatdown at UFC 121, but he was the biggest winner in the financial department, pocketing a $400,000 purse for his main event bout with Cain Velasquez, the California state athletic commission confirmed to MMA Fighting.

Lesnar, arguably the biggest draw in MMA, will likely earn millions more in pay-per-view money based upon the final number of buys, but the $400,000 purse represents the guaranteed amount reported to the commission under his contract.

In capturing the title from Lesnar, Velasquez made a $100,000 base salary to go with a $100,000 win bonus.

All UFC 121 fighter purse and medical suspension is below.

Lesnar also earned a 180-day medical suspension stemming from the fight, a number that can be reduced as soon as he is cleared by an opthalmologist.

UFC light-heavyweight star Tito Ortiz made $250,000 in his three-round decision loss while No. 1 welterweight contender Jake Shields was the next highest earner on the list, making $150,000 total in his defeat over Martin Kampmann ($27,000). Like Lesnar, Shields is also under a 180-day medical suspension, his due to bleeding in the eye and blurred vision, that can also be reduced after he is medically cleared.

UFC 121 Purse Information
Brock Lesnar ($400,000) vs. Cain Velasquez ($100,000 + $100,000 win bonus)
Jake Shields ($75,000 + $75,000) vs. Martin Kampmann $27,000
Diego Sanchez ($50,000 + $50,000 win bonus) vs. Paulo Thiago ($18,000)
Matt Hamill ($29,000 + $29,000 win bonus) vs. Tito Ortiz ($250,000)
Gabriel Gonzaga ($67,000) vs. Brendan Schaub ($10,000 + $10,000 win bonus)
Court McGee ($15,000 + $15,000 win bonus) vs. Ryan Jensen ($10,000)
Patrick Cote ($21,000) vs. Tom Lawlor ($10,000 + $10,000 win bonus)
Mike Guymon ($8,000) vs. Daniel Roberts ($8,000 + $8,000 win bonus)
Sam Stout ($16,000 + $16,000 win bonus) vs. Paul Taylor ($16,000)
Chris Camozzi ($8,000 + $8,000 win bonus) vs. Dongi Yang ($8,000)
John Madsen ($8,000 + $8,000 win bonus) vs. Gilbert Yvel ($30,000)

UFC 121 Medical Suspensions
Patrick Cote 180 days - retina
Chris Camozzi, 60 days - left brow laceration
Dongi Yang, 45 days (30 days of no contact)
Court McGee 180 days - possible broken hand; 45 days (30 days of no contact)
Ryan Jensen, 45 days (30 days of no contact)
Gilbert Yvel, 45 days (30 days of no contact)
Brendan Schaub, 45 days (30 days of no contact)
Gabriel Gonzaga, 45 days (30 days of no contact)
Tito Ortiz, 45 days (30 days of no contact)
Diego Sanchez, 180 days - possible wrist fracture
Paulo Thiago, 60 days - laceration
Jake Shields 180 days - bleeding in eye, blurred vision
Brock Lesnar 180 days - eye; 60 days - cheek laceration

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