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The MMA Hour With Konrad, Schaub, Harris, Camarillo and Meltzer

On Monday's live edition of The MMA Hour we will look back on Saturday night's memorable UFC 121 event with MMA Fighting's Ben Fowlkes. Also:

* We will also be joined by Brendan Schaub, who defeated Gabriel Gonzaga on Saturday night.

* The new Bellator heavyweight champion Cole Konrad, who is also a training partner of Brock Lesnar's, will also stop by.

* UFC middleweight Gerald Harris will discuss his current winning streak and his upcoming fight against Maiquel Falcao next month at UFC 123.

* Jiu-jitsu expert Dave Camarillo, one of Cain Velasquez's main trainers at the American Kickboxing Academy, will look back on their title win.

* And MMA/wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer will make sense of Saturday night's confrontation between Lesnar and The Undertaker.

And of course, we'll be taking your calls. Give us a shout at: 212-254-0193 or 212-254-0237.

Download this show and previous episodes of The MMA Hour on iTunes here.

Watch the show below at 1PM ET.

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