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Frank Shamrock's Official Statement

From the Desk of Frank Shamrock: - From, -

Wow and false, is all that I can say about Dana's comments that I am a two faced liar and further, what a bully and terrible example of combat sports meets corporate America.

The truth is, I went to see Dana in Las Vegas, alone and out of respect, because I was done fighting and because of what they have done for our sport. I thanked him and told him, I was proud of what the UFC had accomplished. I shared my goals: commentary, more babies and promoting MMA. In our relaxed conversation he made clear what his plans were, worldwide domination for the UFC brand and he was super excited about getting into China.

I spoke to him as a man, went there on my own dime and told him that there were no hard feelings over our differences, even the UFC erasing my championships and world records and we shook hands as men. We both agreed that our entire relationship was all business and there was absolutely nothing personal and we shared the same amazing chicken lunch, talked about kids and business and then I went on my way home. We parted with nothing more than a clear understanding of our different views and brands.

Dana's recent comments on AOL are ridiculous and insulting and I am sad to see them associated with our sport. We will never be a true sport, or art for that matter, until we are free to speak our hearts and minds. I was being genuinely honest about my beliefs and dreams and did not attack, insult, curse or become angry with him in anyway. And yet in return, I was attacked, ridiculed and bullied, and finally, my character questioned publically.

My comments, in reply to Mr. Whites insulting tirade is that mixed martial arts breed's confidence, builds character and creates strong diverse communities whose foundation is honor, respect and discipline and Dana White, I refuse to be bullied by you, and further, I respect a man who truthfully stands up and fights for his family with honor.

Anytime you want to become a real man and not a bully, you let me know. I would happy to oblige you with personal introduction to Shamrock MMA.

Until then, and as usual, I choose to ignore you and focus my efforts elsewhere. I think anti-bullying is a good start and thank you for bringing this national epidemic it to my attention.

Frank Juarez Shamrock

1st UFC Middleweight Champion
1st WEC Light heavy Weight Champion
1st Strikeforce Middleweight Champion
4th King of Pancrase

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