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UFC 121 Undercard Live Blog: Guymon vs. Roberts, Stout vs. Taylor, More

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- This is the UFC 121 live blog for the four preliminary bouts in support of tonight's UFC pay-per-view from the Honda Center.

The dark matches will feature Mike Guymon vs. Daniel Roberts, Sam Stout vs. Paul Taylor, Chris Camozzi vs. Dong Yi Yang and Jon Madsen vs. Gilbert Yvel. And while these fights are not scheduled to be aired, will have round-by-round updates below.

Live results are below.

Mike Guymon vs. Daniel Roberts

Round 1: Guymon takes the center of the cage to start, with Roberts bouncing around him. Roberts drops Guymon with a punch, briefly, but Guymon scrambles back up quickly. Roberts senses that Guymon is in trouble, so he charges in with a flurry. Guymon tries for a takedown. Roberts defends and locks up an anaconda choke, bringing Guymon down and rolling him over. Guymon can find no way out and is forced to tap.

Daniel Roberts def. Mike Guymon via submission (anaconda choke) 1:13 of round one.

Sam Stout vs. Paul Taylor

Round 1: They trade leg kicks right off the bat, then Taylor gets the bright idea to toss a kick at Stout's head. Stout blocks and fires back a right hand. It's Stout doing most of the stalking early, but the work rate from both guys is high, though Stout's punches look crisper. Taylor is bleeding from the nose as he pushes Stout back with a hook and a straight. A right hand lands for Taylor, followed by a head kick that's blocked, but still seems like it wasn't much fun for Stout. Stout is still the one pushing the pace, apparently willing to eat the occasional counter-punch for the opportunity to land one of his own. Nice uppercut, straight right from Stout. At the ten-second warning Stout shoots, as if on cue, for a double-leg and gets it. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Stout.

Round 2: Taylor lands an accidental groin kick early in the round. Herb Dean moves in to call time, but Stout waves him off and continues. Stout comes forward with a combo, but a hard leg kick pushes him back. A lead left from Taylor snaps Stout's head back. Stout catches a Taylor kick to the body and hammers him with a right hand that briefly puts Taylor down. As he gets back up another right from Stout lands. They square off in the center of the Octagon with Stout firing off more punches, but Taylor landing a few economical counters. Taylor shoots for a single-leg in the final minute, but Stout avoids it well. Stout comes forward in the last ten seconds and gets slammed by a counter two-punch combo. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Stout.

Round 3: Taylor is more aggressive to start the final round, perhaps sensing that his counter-punching approach could be costing him these close rounds. He fires off a three-punch combo and finishes with a leg kick, but it does little to slow Stout down. A high kick from Taylor is blocked, but still sends Stout tumbling off course. Taylor slips a jab and punishes Stout to the body with a hook. Taylor lands a four-punch combo, finishing with a head kick. Stout shoots for a takedown in the last minute, but Taylor stuffs it easily. They're trading in the center as the last seconds tick away. Taylor lands a hard kick to the body, but moments later Stout tosses him on his back before the end of the round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Taylor.

Sam Stout def. Paul Taylor via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Chris Camozzi vs. Dong Yi Yang

Round 1: They meet in the center of the cage and Yang launches a left hand to open things up. Yang lands a leg kick and Camozzi tries one of his own, but Yang catches it and uses it to take Camozzi down. Yang lands a couple punches from the top and moves to half-guard, but Camozzi scrambles away and reverses the situation for a brief takedown of his own before they get back to their feet. Yang lands that left hand again, but moments later Camozzi catches him with a right hook that makes him sag just a bit. A right-left combo lands for Yang, but Camozzi fires right back. Camozzi charges forward in the final minute of the round and eats a hard straight left. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Yang.

Round 2: Yang scores another takedown in the opening seconds and tries to take Camozzi's back as he scrambles to his feet, but can't hold him down. Yang nails Camozzi with a hard right and then a left, and it's all Camozzi can do to grab and hold on. Camozzi misses with a left from the outside but follows with a knee to the body. Both guys seem to be slowing down just a little. The crowd does not care for this. They load up and trade combos at the start of the final minute, with Camozzi perhaps getting the best of it. He shoots for a double-leg, but Yang defends well. Very close round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Yang.

Round 3: Yang goes on the attack right away in the final frame, backing Camozzi up against the fence and looking for that left hand. Camozzi circles away to the center and blasts Yang with a straight left that staggers him. Camozzi smells blood and attacks with knees, then a kick to the head that lands a few seconds later. Blood is streaming out of Yang's nose, but he seems to have mostly recovered. Yang tries to take Camozzi's back standing, but Camozzi grabs a kimura and uses it to work his way out. Camozzi is stalking him in the final thirty seconds, landing knees to the body but taking the occasional counter-punch for his trouble. They finish the fight in a flurry, much to the fans' delight. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Camozzi.

Chris Camozzi def. Dong Yi Yang via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Jon Madsen vs. Gilbert Yvel

Round 1: Madsen lunges in with a two punch combo. Yvel sidesteps and glares at him as if angry that Madsen would even try to hit him in the face. Double-leg takedown from Madsen plants Yvel on his back against the fence, and Madsen goes right to work, standing in his guard and raining down punches. Yvel rolls onto one side and covers up, which only encourages Madsen to intensify his attack. No response from Yvel, and referee Big John McCarthy moves in to stop it.

Jon Madsen def. Gilbert Yvel via TKO at 1:48 of round one.

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