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UFC 121: Brendan Schaub Out-Boxes Gabriel Gonzaga to Win Decision

Brendan Schaub spent 15 minutes out-boxing Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 121, winning a lopsided unanimous decision, 30-27 on all three judges' cards, for his biggest victory to date.

Schaub, a former football player and Golden Gloves boxer, totally outclassed Gonzaga for an easy win, and the biggest win of his brief MMA career.

"Gabe's one of the top heavweights in the world," Schaub said afterward. "It's a big step up for me and I'm just happy to get the victory."

Schaub fought the first round like a boxing match, landing punching combinations that were just too fast for Gonzaga to answer. Gonzaga landed a couple strikes himself, but it was Schaub who was more effective, especially late in the round when he really began to come on and eventually knocked Gonzaga down just before the round ended.

It was more of the same in the second, with Schaub landing hard combinations of punches and Gonzaga plodding around the Octagon and failing to do much of anything in response. By the end of the second round Gonzaga's face was bloodied and bruised and Schaub was in complete control.

In the third the crowd started to boo as it became clear that the fight would end with Schaub winning a one-sided decision. Schaub kept peppering Gonzaga with punches, and Gonzaga didn't do much of anything. In the final seconds there was a furious flurry of punches, a quick takedown and a brief attempt at a rear-naked choke by Gonzaga, but there wasn't enough time for him to finish, and it was strange that Gonzaga waited until the fight's final seconds to finally go on the attack.

Schaub improved his record to 7-1 with the victory, and he may have big things ahead of him in his MMA career. Gonzaga fell to 11-6, and after a highly disappointing performance he could be done in the UFC.

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