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MMA Link Parade

While you anxiously wait for the hours to tick away and UFC 121 to arrive, enjoy some links to stories by our friends around the internet.

- UFC 121 punch drunk preview. (Heavy)

- UFC 121 picks based on fights in the animal kingdom. (Middle Easy)

- Fight Rankings: Bellator 33. (Fight Magazine)

- Dana White says Lesnar vs. Velasquez isn't typical heavyweight fight. (SB Nation)

- Grappling with issues. (Five Ounces of Pain)

- Sport Science breaks down Cain Velasquez's punching power. (MMA Scraps)

- Dana White's UFC 121 video blog. (Low Kick)

- Diego Sanchez plans to return to lightweight after UFC 121 fight. (Cage Potato)

- Randy Couture thinks it might be time to move on from MMA. (MMA Convert)

- Dana White describes first ever face-to-face meeting with Fedor. (Versus)

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