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Brock Lesnar on Chael Sonnen: 'I Don't Know Who He Is'

Chael Sonnen established himself as the UFC's ultimate trash talker this summer in the run-up to his fight with Anderson Silva. But that trash talk began to ring hollow when Sonnen lost, and any talk from Sonnen at all disappeared after Sonnen got busted for steroids and completely clammed up, other than releasing a statement that he plans to appeal the positive drug test.

And now Brock Lesnar has delivered the ultimate put-down, one that even the loud-mouthed Sonnen likely wouldn't have much to say about.

After ESPN's Jim Rome read to Lesnar some of the trash that Sonnen has talked about the heavyweight champion, including Sonnen's claim that "I'd slap you in your face and you wouldn't do anything about it, Brock," Lesnar had a simple retort: "I don't know who he is."

At that point, Rome's interview with Lesnar grew a bit confusing, as Rome showed video of Sonnen on stage at a UFC event and asked Lesnar if he's sure he doesn't know who Sonnen is. Lesnar insisted that he doesn't.

"Is he a fighter? I don't know who he is," Lesnar said. "I'm serious. Seriously."

Lesnar looked genuinely confused, and Rome said after a commercial break that Lesnar hadn't been joking and genuinely didn't know who Sonnen was.

So is it possible that Lesnar really doesn't know who Sonnen is? I suppose it is possible. Lesnar famously only watches hunting shows on TV and doesn't own a computer, so he's not exactly an MMA fanboy. And Lesnar trains in his own gym at home in Minnesota, rather than training at one of the major MMA camps, so he doesn't know a lot of the other fighters personally.

Still, I find it awfully hard to believe that Lesnar is so removed from the UFC that he really doesn't know who Sonnen is. I think it was just Lesnar's way of putting Sonnen down while in The Jungle with Rome. And on those terms, it was epic.

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