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UFC 120 Live Blog: Michael Bisping vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama Updates

This is the UFC 120 live blog for Michael Bisping vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama, the main event of tonight's Spike TV event from the O2 Arena in London, England.

Bisping (19-3) is coming off a win over Dan Miller at UFC 114 in May. Akiyama (13-2) lost in July to Chris Leben in a Fight of the Night.

The live blog is below.

Akiyama makes his way out first to his trademark song "Time to Say Goodbye" by Andrea Bocelli. Midway down his entrance Akiyama and his team (with Caol Uno) bow on their knees. Bisping enters next to "Song 2" by Blur.

Round 1: Akiyama shoots an overhand right that stuns Bisping. Bisping quickly regains his sentences and pumps out jabs. Akiyama lands a left hook. Akiyama defends a takedown, but takes a shot to the body. Bisping takes down Akiyama but he quickly gets back to his feet. Bisping with right hands. Akiyama stuffs another takedown attempt. Bisping ends with round with a flying knee. Close round.

10-9 for Akiyama.

Round 2: Heavy exchanges early on. Bisping actively throws, looking for that right hand. He's getting through with the rights off jab-crosses. Akiyama with an overhand right. Bisping with a sharp right hand at 2:09. Akiyama rocks Bisping with an overhand right. Bisping with a 1-2. Bisping outworking Akiyama while Akiyama appears to be gunning for the overhand knockout. Bisping with a right hand. Akiyama with a flurry -- and the round ends. Akiyama might have done enough to steal the round. It's close, but I still got to give it to Bisping.

10-9 for Bisping.

Round 3: Akiyama shooting for the big right hand. Bisping sticks a jab. Akiyama with a flurry backs Bisping to the cage, but gets hit with a kick. Bisping lands with rights, and another jab. Bisping levels Akiyama with a kick below the belt and Akiyama takes a rest on his back. Akiyama's having trouble getting back to his feet. Akiyama takes an extended break and he's ready to go. Akiyama is aggressively going after Bisping but he's gambling on only knockout blows. Bisping with fast hands getting through at ease with basic jabs and crosses. Bisping is picking apart Akiyama. With little time remaining, Akiyama swings wildly as Bisping holds on.

Round three, the most decisive round of the fight, goes to Bisping.

Akiyama was a victim of stand-and-bang, not having much of a gameplan and aiming for the overhand right knockout that never came through.

10-9 for Bisping. scores the fight 29-28 Bisping.

Official Result: Bisping wins unanimous decision (30-27 3x)

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