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UFC 120 Live Blog: John Hathaway vs. Mike Pyle Updates

This is the UFC 120 live blog for John Hathaway vs. Mike Pyle, a welterweight bout on tonight's Spike TV event from the O2 Arena in London, England.

The undefeated Brit John Hathaway (14-0) has already won four in the Octagon including a win over Diego Sanchez. His next challenge is a veteran out of Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, Mike Pyle.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Hathaway bounces around the center of the cage, while Pyle circles. They feel each other out until the 55-second mark when Pyle scores a takedown. Hathaway immediately uses the cage to get back on his feet. Pyle tries to bring Hathaway back down but almost loses position himself. They separate and more sizing each other up. Hathaway shrugs off a takedown attempt. Pyle mixes in overhand rights which appear to be effective. Pyle tries a takedown that's stopped and he throws a knee instead. Pyle shoves Hathaway down to secure himself the first round advantage. scores the round 10-9 for Pyle.

Round 2: Pyle tries for the takedown and Hathaway defends. Pyle separates by firing several punches. Hathaway begins to find his range landing a knee and then charging forward with punches. Another right by Pyle and he follows that up with a takedown. Pyle locks in a triangle from mount/crucifix position. Pyle drops right hands to the head of Hathaway, who is trapped in an incredibly uncomfortable position. Pretty awesome stuff. Pyle keeps him there for the remainder of the round.

Another clear 10-9 for Pyle.

Round 3: Hathaway hits a body kick. Hathaway goes for the takedown and Pyle backs away from it. Hathaway throws a right hand and moves into clinch, but it's Pyle who puts Hathaway on his butt. Hathaway wall walks but Pyle drags him back down. Pyle now inside the closed guard of Hathaway. Pyle makes the move to halfguard and Hathaway puts him back in full guard. Hathaway scoots back towards the cage. Pyle drops short elbows with a minute left in the fight. Hathaway tries to scramble out but Pyle controls for the win. scores the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Pyle.

Official Result: Pyle wins by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

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