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UFC 120: Cheick Kongo, Travis Browne Fight to a Draw

Cheick Kongo and Travis Browne fought to a disappointing draw on Saturday at UFC 120, as Kongo won two rounds, Browne won one and a point deduction against Kongo turned decisive.

It wasn't a particularly entertaining fight, and it won't do anything for either fighter's career, or for the UFC's heavyweight division, which could have used a good fight that established either Kongo or Browne as a heavyweight to keep an eye on in 2011.

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Kongo and Browne traded some leg kicks in the early part of the first round, but it was when Browne started throwing haymakers at Kongo's head that the first round really started to turn in Kongo's favor. Browne at one point had Kongo so wobbly that it appeared Browne could have finished him if he had pressed the action, but Browne slowed down a little bit and allowed Kongo to survive the round.

The second round was much better for Kongo. Early in the second Kongo landed a 1-2 combination of punches, followed by a knee to the groin. Kongo lands knees to the groin so often that it's hard to consider them accidental, although the referee did not deduct a point. After that Kongo began to clinch with Browne, hold him against the cage, and batter away at his knees. Browne landed a takedown at the very end of the second round, but for the most part it was Kongo's round.

The third was a fairly even round, but Kongo had a point deducted when he held onto Browne's shorts and didn't let go. That was the most interesting thing that happened in the third, as both heavyweights looked like they were running out of gas for the final few minutes of fighting.

All three judges scored it 28-28. Kongo's record is now 15-6-2, including 8-4-1 in the UFC, while Browne is 10-0-1, and 1-0-1 in the UFC.

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