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UFC 120: Carlos Condit KOs Dan Hardy

Dan Hardy and Carlos Condit exchange kicks at UFC 120 on Saturday in London.Dan Hardy complained heading into his fight with Carlos Condit at UFC 120 that Condit and his trainer, Greg Jackson, are too cautious and try to win dull decisions. He can't say that anymore.

Instead, Condit knocked Hardy out with a brutal left hook in the first round of their bout in London on Saturday.

After the televised card got off to a dull start with three straight decisions, Condit changed everything by standing and trading shots with Hardy. After a couple minutes of action, Condit and Hardy both threw left hooks at each other at the same time, but Condit's landed just in time to send Hardy to the canvas. Condit landed a couple more on the ground to erase any doubt.

Condit improves his record to 26-5, while Hardy falls to 23-8. The crowd booed the result, wanting to see the British Hardy earn a win, but it was Condit who gave the fans a thrilling, decisive finish.

"I feel great," Condit said afterward, addressing the fans in London. "I love you guys even though you're booing me. Dan Hardy is a great competitor. Hats off to him. Much respect."

Hardy was succinct when asked what went wrong, saying, "I got punched in the face."

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