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Masaaki Sugawara KOs Ayumu "Gozo" Shioda at Shooting Disco 13

Shooting Disco 13 offered a glimpse of the future as a host of 2010 Amateur Shooto champions made their professional debuts. In the evening's main event, former top 10 flyweight Masaaki Sugawara broke a two fight losing streak, knocking out Masanori Kanehara trainer Ayumu "Gozo" Shioda early in round three with a knee that looked as though it broke the grappler's nose.

Sugawara took the first two rounds, spinning easily out of heel hooks and sweeps from Gozo, landing punches along the way to punish the missed attempts. Suguwara looked to be on the way to a comfortable decision until early in the last stanza he landed a knee up the middle that looked as though it broke Gozo's nose and left him curled up on the canvas. A series of punches that weren't necessarily needed brought in the referee to give Sugawara the much needed win.

2008 Mundials Roosterweight Finalist Yusuke Honma survived an early scare from Yellowman's Yuki Yasunaga, eating punches on the feet and on the mat that bloodied the formidable grappler. Honma managed to regain his composure towards the end of round one and wrapped up Yasunaga in a triangle choke that put him to sleep and advanced Honma to the finals of the 2010 Bantamweight Rookie Tournament.

Gutsman's Keita Kono had Takahiro Hosoi on the ropes early in their featherweight bout, landing a left hook that sent Hosoi bouncing off the ropes and struggling to keep his feet. Kono looked as though he was going to follow up for the KO win, landing a series of punches that continued to shake Hosoi but just as victory seemed imminent a knee landed clean to Kono's face, sending him face first into the canvas. The punches to bring the referee stoppage actually served to wake up Kono but it was too late as referee Suzuki had already called the bout.

2009 All-Japan Amateur Shooto Welterweight Champion Takayuki Hirose out-wrestled the winless Satoshi Inaba to take the decision after two rounds. Inaba had trouble getting his own game plan going as Hirose would shoot for a double any time Inaba committed to a strike.

Neither Gutsman's Daiki Takashima or Kenichiro Marui were particularly offensive in their featherweight bout but Takashima's throws in both the first and second rounds into dominant positions was enough to get the win in a close but rather uneventful match.

Shinichi Hanawa utilized his significant reach advantage to take the edge in his victory against the Rumina Sato-trained Nobu Watanabe. Hanawa neutralized his opponents wrestling to keep the bout on the feet where he worked the body and badly bloodied the nose of Watanabe, impressing all three judges.

2010 North-East Japan Amateur Shooto Welterweight Champion Yusuke Kasuya made a successful debut against East Japan Amateur Champ Daisuke Sasaki who was also making his first professional appearance. Kasuya impressed with kicks to the body early and sealed the deal on the mat late in the first round when he managed to sink in a fight finishing rear naked choke after Sasaki gave up his back to escape a torrent of punches from mount.

2010 All-Japan Amateur Shooto Featherweight Champion Michinori Tanaka made a successful transition to the professional ranks with a unanimous decision victory against the also debuting Hamaji. Tanaka missed with a very close armbar early but consistently managed to take the top position and rain in powerful punches.

Purebred Omiya's Itsuki Hiruma was extremely impressive in his debut against Gutsman's Takafumi Ato, dropping his opponent three times in the two round bout while easily avoiding any offense offered by Ato.

2010 All-Japan Amateur Shooto Middleweight Runner-up Jin Suzuki wasn't able to make the debut he was hoping for against the winless Youhei Ota, fighting to a split draw where Suzuki was able to work his hands on the canvas while Ota was effective with submission attempts off his back.

Shooting Disco 13 – October 10, Shinjuku Face, Tokyo

Masaaki Sugawara def. Ayumu "Gozo" Shioda by KO (Knee and Punches) – Round 3, 0.14
Yusuke Honma def. Yuki Yasunaga by Submission (Triangle Choke) – Round 1, 4.11
Takahiro Hosoi def. Keita Kono by TKO (Strikes) – Round 1, 3.14
Takayuki Hirose def. Satoshi Inaba by Unanimous Decision
Daiki Takashima def. Kenichiro Marui by Unanimous Decision
Shinichi Hanawa def. Akinobu Watanabe by Unanimous Decision
Yusuke Kasuya def. Daisuke Sasaki by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – Round 1, 4.02
Michinori Tanaka def. Yasutaka Hamaji by Unanimous Decision
Itsuki Hiruma def. Takafumi Ato by Unanimous Decision
Youhei Ota vs. Jin Suzuki – Split Draw

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