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'Korean Zombie' Chan Sung Jung Cleared by CT Scan After Knockout Loss

Hospitalized after a head kick knockout on Thursday night, WEC featherweight Chan Sung Jung was medically cleared and discharged after passing a CT scan, his manager Brian "Shug" Rhee told MMA Fighting.

Rhee said that Jung had some stitches put in to address a deep cut suffered during the fight, but is otherwise doing well.

Jung shot to instant popularity on the American MMA scene when he debuted earlier this year to an epic slugfest with Leonard Garcia in what many believe to be the fight of the year.

Despite losing a disputed split-decision, Jung -- nicknamed "The Korean Zombie" -- won over fans with his ability to seemingly walk through endless punishment to deliver his own offense.

In his follow-up fight with George Roop at WEC 51 on Thursday though, Jung never seemed to find his rhythm against the rangy, 6-foot-1 Roop. Just over a minute into the second round, Roop KO'd Jung with a left high kick as the tail end of a slick combination.

The second straight loss dropped Jung to 10-3 overall, but with his popularity and exciting style, he's likely to be back in the WEC cage after a recovery break.

"Obviously, he's upset about the loss, but he'll be back with a vengeance," Rhee said.

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