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WEC 51 Live Blog: Chan Sung Jung vs. George Roop Updates

This is the WEC 51 live blog for Chan Sung Jung vs. George Roop, a featherweight bout on tonight's Versus card from the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colo.

"The Korean Zombie" is back and he's facing a season eight contestant of The Ultimate Fighter and a three-time UFC competitor.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: The lanky Roop is active early with side-to-side movement. Jung walks straight forward looking to engage. They clinch against the fence briefly but they break moments later. Jung landed a strong hook, but Roop fired back a left. Roop threw a kick that Jung caught. He tried to take Roop down but couldn't. Jung moved in trying to initiate an exchange around the one-minute mark but Roop countered with a punch and found space. Roop managed the distance well, and the round closed without further fireworks. Round one to Roop, 10-9.

Round 2: Jung begins the round by stalking Roop. Roop landed a head kick but Jung shook it off. Jung fired off a combo and landed a right before Roop backed out of the fray. Right now the fight is being fought on Roop's terms. Suddenly, Roop landed a left head kick as the tail end of a striking combination. The kick landed perfectly under Jung's jaw, knocking the Korean Zombie cold instantly.

Winner: George Roop via knockout, Rd. 2 (1:30)

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