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Andrei Arlovski Tweets That He's Out of K-1

When K-1 announced the pairings for Saturday's Final 16 event, it made a special point of emphasizing the presence of former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski.

So much for that.

Although his fight with Raul Cătinaş has been announced as happening in less than four days, Arlovski wrote on Twitter that he is not going to be there.

"I would like to confirm that I am not participating in the K-1 on October 2nd," Arlovski tweeted on Tuesday evening.

There's been no announcement from K-1 or explanation from Arlovski, but reports have been rampant in recent months that K-1 simply can't afford to pay top-level fighters the kind of money they want to make. Arlovski's tweet is the latest in a steady stream of unfortunate pieces of news for K-1.