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UFC 119: C.B. Dollaway Submits Joe Doerksen

C.B. Dollaway showed off some fine grappling Saturday at UFC 119, submitting Joe Doerksen in the first round with a guillotine choke.

The fight lasted just two minutes, 13 seconds, and in that time Dollaway attempted one guillotine choke, let it go and then rolled into a better position to finish it.

Afterward Dollaway, who improved his record to 11-2, expressed surprise that he was able to submit the much more experienced Doerksen

"I can't believe I even got that," Dollaway said. "Joe has 33 submissions out of 46 wins. i was worried about his submission game -- avoiding it -- and I pulled out the submission in the first round."

Believe it, C.B. you're on a three-fight winning streak, and you just got one of your most impressive victories.