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Mirko Cro Cop Medically Cleared for UFC 119

Mirko Cro Cop has been cleared by an ophthalmologist in Indianapolis to fight Saturday at UFC 119 against former champion Frank Mir.

The UFC reported Tuesday on its official website that Cro Cop been evaluated and cleared, and additionally, has confirmed with athletic commission assistant director Andrew Means that all remains for Cro Cop is the typical pre-fight physicals subjected to all fighters on the card.

Croatian news portal was first to report Friday that Cro Cop's spot on the card was in jeopardy after suffering an injury to his eye from an accidental eyepoke in a final training session with his team in Croatia, and although UFC president Dana White quickly took to Twitter to refute the report, Cro Cop's ability to fight depended on the commission's approval upon arrival to the U.S.

Cro Cop (27-7-2) headlines this Saturday's UFC 119 pay-per-view against Mir (13-5) on five weeks' notice.