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Vitor Belfort Not Expecting Title Shot Even if He Beats Okami

For Vitor Belfort's fight career, everything is in god's hands, and the UFC's.

So even if he beats Yushin Okami at UFC 122 on Nov. 13 in Germany in what will likely be a No. 1 contender bout, Belfort won't be expecting an immediate title shot.

"You know what I'm expecting? I'm expect Jesus, bro, every day. I'm expecting Jesus to come into my life and choose my path. Whatever out there is good for me," Belfort told Ariel Helwani Thursday on The MMA Hour. "For sure, I want the title but the decision doesn't belong to me. I've been there. I won the [heavyweight] title when I was 19 years old. I won in a different division in 2004 (light heavyweight). I've accomplished so many things in my career.I don't let titles and positions and fame overcome my life and take over me."

By accepting the Okami fight, Belfort is already displaying his patience and loyalty towards the UFC. Belfort, who was targeted to challenge Anderson Silva for the middleweight title on three separate dates earlier this year, arguably takes a step back by having to risk a fight once more for a championship shot.
I just have to learn how to take things in my life because so many things happen in my life that wasn't the way that was supposed to be.
-- Vitor Belfort

"In life you always have two choices to make," Belfort explained. "You either live bitter, angry or you live in a happy life, you enjoy it. So I try to always see a positive on that. So whatever is what's the best. I'm not disappointed. I have to take it.

"I just have to learn how to take things in my life because so many things happen in my life that wasn't the way that was supposed to be," he continued. "But I just learn a lesson. You just have to see things in a different perspective."

Belfort had expressed his preference to fight in the U.S., but also took the glass half full approach when he was offered the fight in Germany. He looked at the positives of performing in front of an audience in a location less traveled by the UFC.

"We work for the UFC and whatever is the best for them," he said. "For sure I would like to fight in the U.S. but it's a joy to go outside of the country and fight in front of fans. They hardly get to see the fights live."

After all, Belfort's been in the game for a long time and something that's always followed him was the uncertainty of which Belfort was going to show up on fight night, the aggressive knockout artist or the sleepwalker? Belfort understands the only way he can perform to the best of his ability is to reach a peace of mind and that means following the path that's been paved for him.

"I'm fighting for joy. For me to perform well, I need to be happy," Belfort said. "I need to enjoy working with the people that I'm working with. And that's what I'm concerned after this fight. I want to be happy to go back again in the gym, to train, to learn and to perform well for the fans, the UFC and everybody around the world watching. That's what I'm concerned [of] and that's what I'm worried about. The title is just a consequence."

(Ed. note: Watch Thursday's episode of The MMA Hour below.)