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MMA Link Parade

Help your Friday afternoon go by a little quicker by kicking back and checking out these links to great stuff by our friends around the internet.

- EA Sports MMA now aiming directly at UFC. (Middle Easy)

- UFC 119 extended preview. (Heavy)

- "Big" John McCarthy discusses making history with early UFC events. (Fight Magazine)

- The MMA weigh-in failure leaderboard. (Cage Potato)

- Antonio McKee signed to a four-fight deal with the UFC. (Watch Kalib Run)

- Exclusive interview with "Crazy Pride screaming lady," Lenne Hardt. (Lowkick)

- Grappling with issues. (Five Ounces of Pain)

- Georges St. Pierre is not impressed with anyone's performance. (MMA Scraps)

- Kevin James to star in MMA movie. (Versus)

- Frank Shamrock on EA Sports MMA game. (MMA Convert)

- It hurts to admit it, but Josh Koscheck is right. (Ultimate Fighter)