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Neil Grove, Cole Konrad Advance at Bellator 29

With two fights down and one to go, Neil Grove is tearing through the Bellator Fighting Championships heavyweight tournament. Next he'll have to face Cole Konrad, who has been winning less dynamic fights, in the tournament final.

Grove destroyed Alexey Olenik Thursday night, whacking Olenik with a head kick, pouncing on him on the ground and finishing the fight with a series of hammer fists that led the referee to call it off after just 45 seconds of fighting. It was the second first-round TKO for Grove in the Bellator tournament; he previously defeated Eddie Sanchez by first-round TKO in the quarterfinals.

"If you fight you come out to win, not to score points," Grove said. "My job is to finish the fight quite quickly."

Konrad, a former NCAA heavyweight champion wrestler, dominated Damian Grabowski and won a one-sided unanimous decision. Konrad took Grabowski down instantly at the start of the fight and got him into side control, and then he spent five minutes lying on top of Grabowski, completely controlling the fight and landing some short punches and knees to the body but not providing a whole lot of action.

The second round was more of the same, with Konrad needing about 30 seconds to get the takedown and then controlling Grabowski from the top once again. This time the referee stood the fight up when the fans started to boo, but it wasn't long before Konrad got Grabowski on his back again. Konrad was a little more active on the ground in the second round, trying both a kimura and a keylock, but Grabowski made it out of the round.

At the start of the third round Konrad took Grabowski down once again, although Grabowski did manage to get back to his feet and then even secure a takedown of his own, followed by an attempt at a guillotine. Konrad pulled his head out of the choke, however, and from there played it safe and won the round handily. I scored the fight 30-27 for Konrad, as did two of the judges. The third judge scored it 30-26.

The Grove-Konrad tournament final, which will take place next month, will be a contrast of styles, with Grove the striker who tries to finish and Konrad the wrestler who wins decisions. Grove is certainly the more exciting fighter of the two, but my money is on Konrad to emerge as the Bellator heavyweight champion.