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The MMA Hour Live With Huerta, 'Mayhem,' Lashley and 'Bigfoot' Silva

Another week, another live, jam-packed edition of The MMA Hour. Here's who we have lined up for Monday's show:

* Bellator lightweight Roger Huerta will stop by to talk about his non-title fight against Eddie Alvarez and his recent involvement in a Texas street-fight, which made headlines all over the Internet.

* Jason "Mayhem" Miller will make his first appearance on the show to talk about his upcoming fight against Kazushi Sakuraba at DREAM.16 and anything else on his mind.

* Bobby Lashley will give his first interview since his disappointing loss to Chad Griggs at Strikeforce: Houston.

* And Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva will update us on who he will be fighting next in Strikeforce. Silva will be joined by his manager Alex Davis, who also represents the likes of Todd Duffee, Rousimar Palhares and Jorge Santiago, and Davis will update us on the latest involving all his clients.

And of course, we'll be taking your calls. Give us a shout at: 212-254-0193 or 212-254-0237.

Download this show and previous episodes of The MMA Hour on iTunes here.

Watch the show below.

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