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Houston Alexander TKOs Sokoudjou in Shark Fights 13 Brawl

Former UFC stars Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou and Houston Alexander gave the fans in Texas a great fight Saturday night at Shark Fights 13, with Sokoudjou badly hurting Alexander in the first round, only to have Alexander come back and win by technical knockout in the second.

At the start of the fight it appeared that Sokoudjou would finish Alexander easily, as Sokoudjou knocked Alexander around and had him badly hurt on the ground. But late in the first round Alexander surprisingly turned the tables on Sokoudjou, got on top of him on the ground, and actually appeared to be the fresher of the two fighters by the end of the first.

And then early in the second round Alexander exploded, knocking Sokoudjou down with a knee followed by an uppercut. From there Alexander got on top of Sokoudjou and simply kept hammering away with punches to the head until the referee finally (and too late, in my opinion) stopped the fight.

Alexander is a one-dimensional brawler who will never be a great fighter. But he is an entertaining fighter, and he showed that once again. And Sokoudjou is plenty exciting too. This was just the kind of battle that an upstart promotion like Shark Fights needs.

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