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Shark Fights 13 Live Blog: Sokoudjou vs. Houston Alexander Updates

This is the Shark Fights 13 live blog for Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Houston Alexander, a light heavyweight bout on tonight's Shark Fights pay-per-view in Amarillo, Texas.

Sokoudjou has been undefeated in 2010 with wins over Dave Herman and Joaquim Ferreira. Alexander is 1-1 since his release from the UFC following his loss to Kimbo Slice last December.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: They are tentative to start. Alexander misses on a leg kick. Sokoudjou lands on a leg kick. The crowd chants for Houston. Alexander taps an inside leg kick. Sokoudjou kicks and Alexander counters and misses a right hook. Sokoudjou jumps forward with a left hook and drops Alexander! Alexander grabs a single-leg to give himself time to recover -- and he does. Sokoudjou looks to pummel for knees and then uppercuts. Sokoudjou tosses Alexander to the ground. Sokoudjou drops hammerfists and Alexander escapes. Sokoudjou drops Alexander again and Alexander survives. Incredible display of heart by Alexander. Sokoudjou takes down Alexander, who now has a cut above his left eye. Alexander sweeps Sokoudjou and Alexander tries to drop down left punches inside the guard of Sokoudjou. scores the round 10-9 for Sokoudjou.

Round 2:
Alexander lands a stiff jab. Alexander taps an inside leg kick. Sokoudjou looks tired. Alexander comes in with an uppercut, a knee and repeated rights to drop Sokoudjou. Alexander continues to pound away. I don't know where Alexander is getting this energy. Alexander with nonstop punches on Sokoudjou who is simply putting his hands up but not trying to advance his position. The referee finally jumps in to finalize Alexander's amazing comeback.

Wow, impressive win from Houston Alexander. He got dropped twice in the first and comes back in the second to finish strong.

Alexander wins by TKO - Round 2, 1:31
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