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Shark Fights 13 Live Blog: Paul Daley vs. Jorge Masvidal Updates

This is the Shark Fights 13 live blog for Paul Daley vs. Jorge Masvidal, a welterweight bout on tonight's Shark Fights pay-per-view in Amarillo, Texas.

Daley is coming off a win over Daniel Acacio at Impact FC 2 in July. Masvidal in April defeated Naoyuki Kotani by split decision at the one-shot ASTRA event in Japan.

The live blog is below.

Daley missed weight Friday at 171.75 pounds and will forfeit 10% of his purse to Masvidal.

Round 1: Daley lands a loud leg kick to start and misses a big right. Daley comes forward with another leg kick and and then a punch to the body. Daley continues to pressure Masvidal with body punches and kicks. Masvidal doing a lot of slipping strikes. Masvidal shoots for the single-leg and then complains that he was poked to the eye. A short rest for Masvidal and the fight resumes. Daley stalks with more leg kicks and punches to the body. Masvidal putting very little offense and seems content to avoiding shots until he can find an opening for a takedown. Daley does what looks like a handstand/cartwheel kick. Masvidal scores the takedown with around 90 seconds to go. Daley holds on until he finds the space to explode away to his feet. Masvidal jabs and Daley surprises us with a takedown attempt. Masvidal defends with his back against the fence. Daley with quick uppercut and hook upon giving up the takedown. scores the first round 10-9 for Daley.

Round 2: Daley jabs and lands on an inside leg kick. Daley with a jab, cross, high kick, but misses. More of Daley wearing Masvidal down with Masvidal attacking sparingly. Masvidal catches a leg kick and takes Daley down at the 3:27 mark. Daley does a nice job of getting back to his feet in just 30 seconds. Masvidal scores another takedown and Daley is back on his butt. Daley stands up with Masvidal looking to plant Daley back down. Masvidal switches to a single-leg, but Daley's effective takedown defense is making it difficult for Masvidal. Masvidal scores an easy takedown with just over a minute left. Daley closes his guard. The referee stands them up with 15 seconds remaining.

Masvidal wasn't able to do anything with his takedowns, but three takedowns should count for something, which is enough to win him the round. scores the second round 10-9 for Masvidal.

Round 3: A minute in, Masvidal grabs a single-leg and shoves Daley down. Daley scoots towards the fence in an effort to wall walk. Masvidal holds the legs and Daley is upset. The referee agrees with the lack of action and stands them up with 2:30 to go. Masvidal digs for another single-leg, but Daley defends. Masvidal is on his back and Daley rushes in with punches. Daley walks away to allow the referee standup. Daley lands with a straight right. In the closing seconds, Daley scores a takedown and rains down left hammerfists.

That should seal the deal for Daley. I would have gave the third to Daley even before the final seconds, but it's still refreshing to see him go for the finish to help his chances on the scorecards. scores the round 10-9 for Daley and the fight 29-28 for Daley.

Official Decision: Daley wins by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Daley gives Masvidal props for fighting outside of his weight class (Masvidal also fights at lightweight), but feels he himself deserved the win.
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