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Shark Fights 13 Live Blog: Brock Larson vs. Tarec Saffiedine Updates

This is the Shark Fights 13 live blog for Brock Larson vs. Tarec Saffiedine, a welterweight bout on tonight's Shark Fights pay-per-view in Amarillo, Texas.

Larson has been undefeated in three fights since being served his UFC release in November 2009. Saffiedine won both his Strikeforce fights this year. Both welterweights are southpaws.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: They size each other up for the first 40 seconds. Larson charges in with punches and gets clipped with a right and falls -- though it looked like he might have slipped. Saffiedine lands with right hands. Saffiedine stalks Larson who is backed to the cage. Saffiedine takes advantage of his reach with explosive long jabs. Saffiedine switches to an orthodox stance to throw a high right that misses. Saffiedine connects on a right hook followed by left elbow. Larson shoots at the 2:25 mark and Saffiedine defends with a kimura. Larson switches to a single and gains control of Saffiedine's right leg; however, Larson falls to his back and Saffiedine begins to work from Larson's halfguard. Saffiedine drops right hands while Larson reaches for a kimura. They battle for control for the remainder of the round. scores the first round 10-9 for Saffiedine.

Round 2: Saffiedine again stalks Larson. Saffiedine with a left, right. Saffiedine lands on a leg kick. Larson looks to counter but Saffiedine is quick to back away. Saffiedine connects on another leg kick. Saffiedine throws a knee and Larson uses it to work for a double-leg takedown. Larson works hard for it but Saffiedine escapes with 90 seconds left. Larson appears exhausted. Saffiedine connects with a right and a left. Larson fires back effectively. Larson throws an overhand left that's blocked. Saffiedine charges into clinch with a right jab. Larson punches into the clinch and the bell sounds. scores the second round 10-9 for Saffiedine.

Round 3: Saffiedine throws to the body, and then lands a leg kick. Larson with a big left that misses. Saffiedine lands with the right hook, which has worked for him all fight. Saffiedine throws to the stomach and goes for the takedown. Saffiedine stuffs it and Larson looks tired. Larson goes for another double and Saffiedine retreats to the kimura defense. Saffiedine punches to the back of Larson as Larson continues to work for the takedown. Larson drops low to the ankle, but Saffiedine moves around to take his back. Larson falls to his back and Saffiedine works from inside of Larson's halfguard. Saffiedine rains down left elbows. Saffiedine stays active on top to ride out the remainder of the round. scores the third round 10-9 for Saffiedine and the fight 30-27 in favor of Saffiedine.

Official Decision: Saffiedine wins by unanimous decision

Saffiedine, who turned 24 earlier this week, picks up the biggest win of his career against Larson, who looked slower than usual and was never quite in the fight..fanhouseButton {margin:2em 0;} .fanhouseButton a:link, .fanhouseButton a:visited, .fanhouseButton a:hover, .fanhouseButton a:active {background-color:#dd2829;color:#FFFFFF;font-size:18px;padding:0.3em 0.6em;text-decoration:none;} .fanhouseButton a:hover {background-color:#000000;}