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Paul Daley Beats Jorge Masvidal at Shark Fights 13

Paul Daley wasn't quite the spectacular power puncher he's been hyped as in his fight Saturday night against Jorge Masvidal at Shark Fights 13, but he did enough to earn a unanimous decision victory in a close fight against a game Masvidal.

Daley, best known for getting kicked out of the UFC after sucker-punching Josh Koscheck following their fight in May, earned the 25th win of his career against nine losses and two draws, but it wasn't easy, as Masvidal secured several takedowns and was never badly hurt by Daley's striking.

"Masvidal is a tough guy," Daley said afterward. "He had a great game plan in mixing up his strikes with his takedowns."

In the first round Daley fought the way he usually fights, landing some good punches and kicks, and even getting creative with a kick that Shark Fights announcer Bas Rutten said was reminiscent of a Steven Seagal movie. Masvidal did manage to take Daley down, but Daley got back up without ever being in serious trouble, and he won the round.

In the second round, however, Masvidal managed to avoid Daley's strikes and secure three different takedowns, and that was probably enough to win him the second. For all the talk that Daley is an explosive puncher, through 10 minutes in the fight he hadn't done a lot of damage.

In the third Masvidal took Daley down once again, but Daley benefited from a questionable stand-up, and later in the round he got Masvidal down, finally started to land hard punches and got the judges' decision.

Afterward, Daley was his typical brash self as the fans booed him.

"They're booing but I'm getting paid a lot more than them," Daley said of the fans. "Thanks for buying tickets and paying my wages."

Daley didn't do anything that would make fans want to pay to see him again.