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Antonio McKee Wins by First-Round TKO

Antonio McKee promised to shed the "boring" label on Friday night, and he delivered.

McKee, whose tendency to grind out decisions had turned him into the best fighter no one wanted to watch, needed just three minutes, 11 seconds to defeat Luciano Azevedo on Friday night's Maximum Fighting Championships card. McKee controlled Azevedo on the ground as he does to most of his opponents, but instead of lying on top of him, McKee kept striking and eventually delivered a brutal elbow to Azevedo's forehead, opening a huge cut and ending the fight.

"I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks," the 40-year-old McKee said after the fight.

It was McKee's second straight first-round stoppage; he beat Rodrigo Ruiz by first-round submission in his last fight. But prior to that, 17 of his last 18 fights had gone to decision, and the only one that didn't go the distance was because his opponent suffered a knee injury.

Although McKee has defended his style in the past, he said he's making a conscious effort to change.

"I'm working hard every day," McKee said. "I'm working on my strikes and getting more comfortable. ... I was just happy to kick his young ass."

In other Maximum Fighting Championships action:
-- Douglas Lima used a textbook-perfect arm bar to force Ryan Ford to tap out 48 seconds into the second round. The victory improves Lima's record to 15-4, with nine of those wins by submission.

-- Former Ultimate Fighter bad boy Jesse Taylor earned a unanimous decision win over Tom Watson.

-- Dwayne Lewis needed just 90 seconds to defeat Mike Nickels by TKO, leveling Nickels with a vicious upper cut and then finishing him on the ground.

-- David Heath knocked out Solomon Hutcherson with a Superman punch in the second round.

-- Curtis Demarce used a great triangle choke from the top to get Tyson Steele to submit in the second round.