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Shine Fights Live Blog: Rich Crunkilton vs. Carlo Prater Updates

This is the Shine Fights live blog for Rich Crunkilton vs. Carlo Prater, an opening round matchup in the Shine Fights Lightweight Grand Prix at the First Council Casino in Newkirk, Okla.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Crunkilton lands a leg kick. Crunkilton storms into clinch. Prater swats Crunkilton off after a brief positional struggle. Back to clinch, Prater lands a beautiful throw directly into side control. Crunkilton hips to closed guard. Prater lands a left, but Crunkilton scrambles out and into the top position. Prater kicks Crunkilton off and they are back to their feet. Crunkilton tackles Prater and the two are sent between the ropes. Luckily, they stay on the mat canvas and not outside. Fight is restarted and Prater launches a high kick. Prater throws a flying knee but has to defend a takedown. Prater muscles him off. Round one ends with Crunkilton inside the guard of Prater.

Shine Fights warns of a delay, "Technical Difficulties. Stand by for a brief intermission. Please Stay Tuned." The screen goes black and we get a "We'll Be Right Back!" message from iNDEMAND.

The delay is only a few minutes and we are back ... (The fighters had extra time to rest between the rounds to accommodate the PPV delay.)

Round 2: Crunkilton lands a strike and digs with a double-leg for the takedown into side control. Back up, Crunkilton scores another takedown. Crunkilton makes a solid attempt to float over into side control, but Prater is hip to it and avoids. Round two ends and Crunkilton takes round two with his takedowns.

Ring announcer Ray Flores announces that the fight will go to an overtime round. Three minutes.

Round 3: Prater active with his hands but is taken down. Prater escapes to his feet. Crunkilton with a body kick and two punches to set up a takedown. They separate. Crunklton shoots from far and Prater stuffs it. Both men are tiring. Crunkilton digs again for a takedown, but Prater defends. Crunkilton again with a body kick and punch to close distance. Crunkilton punches and goes for a single-leg. Prater defends. Prater lands a left hand .Prater throws a back kick and Crunkilton takes his back. Prater hits a switch and gets it with Crunkilton's body over the ropes. A pretty even round, I would lean towards Crunkilton for his aggressiveness.

Crunkilton defeats Prater via split decision and advances to face Kyle Baker in the semifinals.