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Shine Fights Live Blog: Drew Fickett vs. Krazy Horse Updates

This is the Shine Fights live blog for Drew Fickett vs. Charles "Krazy Horse/Kid Khaos" Bennett, an opening round matchup in the Shine Fights Lightweight Grand Prix at the First Council Casino in Newkirk, Okla.

The pay-per-view starts off with the fight most fans want to see. Fickett was one of the best in the world in 2005 and holds wins over Kenny Florian, Josh Koscheck and Kurt Pellegrino. Bennett holds a knockout win over KJ Noons.

The live blog is below.
Round 1: Fickett walks over and feints jabs to close the distance and clinch with Bennett. Fickett takes Bennett down and looks to pass. Fickett tries to trap and arm for a submission but Bennett escapes and they are back standing. Fickett catches a kick and forces Bennett on his back. Bennett reaches over to his own right for a kimura attempt. Fickett almost passes but he loses balance and Bennett uses the kimura to sweep Fickett. Bennett punches from inside the guard of Fickett. It doesn't take long for Fickett to latch on an armbar. Instead of a technical escape, Bennett stands up, allowing FIckett to extend the arm, and slams Fickett down to escape the hold. Not the way you should be defending and armbar, but hey, it worked. Back to the feet, Fickett jumps guard and grabs a guillotine choke with Bennett standing. Bennett falls to his back and taps. Nice finish.

Fickett wins by submission - Round 1, 3:34

Fickett advances to meet the winner of Dennis Bermudez vs. Shannon Gugerty.