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DirecTV Won't Offer Shine Fights

So much for that.

A day after we noted that DirecTV, alone among major carriers, had chosen to offer Friday night's Shine Fights pay-per-view card but not Saturday night's Shark Fights card, DirecTV has changed course.

With Shine Fights' event moving from a sanctioned show in Virginia to an unsanctioned show on a tribal territory in Oklahoma, DirecTV decided not to offer Shine Fights anymore.

"We pulled it off the schedule given the possibility that the event may be canceled based on the last-minute venue change and we do not want to put our customers in the position having to get refunds," DirecTV said in a statement to

So if you're an MMA fan who has DirecTV, you're out of luck this weekend: Neither one of the pay-per-views being offered by other carriers is being offered by DirecTV.