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The MMA Hour Live Featuring Griffin, Koscheck, Henderson, Gamburyan

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This week's live edition of The MMA Hour features another loaded line-up of guests from around the MMA world:

* Forrest Griffin will stop by to talk about his new book and his road back from shoulder injury.

* Josh Koscheck will discuss his upcoming fight against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 124 and his coaching stint on The Ultimate Fighter.

* WEC lightweight champion Benson Henderson will discuss a potential title fight against Anthony Pettis.

* Manny Gamburyan will weigh-in on his WEC featherweight title fight on Sept. 30 against Jose Aldo.

* Finally, MMA referee Yves Lavigne will stop by to clear the air on last week's Koscheck-GSP interview controversy.

And of course, we'll be taking your calls. Give us a shout at: 212-254-0193 or 212-254-0237.

Download this show and previous episodes of The MMA Hour on iTunes here.