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WEC 50: Bart Palaszewski KOs Zach Micklewright

Bart Palaszewski earned his fourth consecutive victory Wednesday night at WEC 50, using a great stand-up display to knock out the overmatched and far less experienced Zach Micklewright.

"I'm an entertainer first and a fighter second," Palaszewski said afterward. "I'm always here to put on a show. ... I just said, 'Screw it, let's just slug it out.'"

Palaszewski backed Micklewright away by landing four leg kicks in the opening minute of the fight, but Micklewright answered with a stiff left hand to Palaszewski's chin that forced Palaszewski to clinch to give himself time to recover. Once they were separated they started trading low kicks, and both landed accidental low blows in a close first round that was fought entirely standing up, with Palaszewski landing the cleaner, more effective strikes.

At the start of the second Palaszewski went from clean and effective to pure explosion, landing a flurry of punches, then a kick to the body, then a right hand to the jaw that knocked Micklewright down, causing the referee to step in and end the fight.

Palaszewski improved his record to 35-13, while Micklewright fell to 7-1.

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