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Jake Ellenberger Batters John Howard's Eye, Wins By TKO

Jake Ellenberger used a hard elbow to turn John Howard's eye into a swollen mess in their UFC on Versus fight Sunday night, leaving Howard unable to see and leaving the ringside doctor no choice but to call the fight to a stop in the third round, giving Ellenberger a TKO victory.

"That's what I expected," Ellenberger said afterward. "He rocked me a few times but I got some good elbows on him."

Ellenberger tried to get things started quickly by charging across the Octagon and attacking Howard, but it was Howard who landed a hard left counter punch. They clinched against the cage after that and the crowd booed, and referee Herb Dean separated them. After that Ellenberger took Howard down, and without much action Dean stood them up. Ellenberger landed a couple of solid jabs and then took Howard down once again, and he definitely won the first round.

The second round started with a flurry of action standing up and then Ellenberger taking Howard down again, although this time Howard was a little more active off his back, attempting both a guillotine and a triangle. Eventually Howard managed to get off his back and land some punches on the feet, but Ellenberger took Howard down once again. By the end of the second round Howard's left eye was badly swollen, and Ellenberger was in complete control.

Knowing he needed a stoppage to win the fight, Howard got creative and started the third round with a flying knee, but soon Ellenberger took Howard down and controlled him again, and eventually the referee asked the doctor to take a look at the eye. The doctor said Howard couldn't go any longer, and so Ellenberger earned his second UFC victory of the year.

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