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Alan Belcher Out of Main Event Fight Against Demian Maia

Alan Belcher says he has suffered a detached retina and has been forced to withdraw from his main event fight against Demian Maia on the Sept. 15 UFC Fight Night 22 card in Austin, Texas.

"Sorry to my trainers. Sorry to UFC and Demian Maia," Belcher tweeted Sunday. "I know he has been training specifically for me. Sorry to my fans as well. As long as I get released from doctor, I will try to make UFN 22 to see my fans and watch the fights."

Belcher revealed that while training in Brazil, he began losing his vision in his right eye and was informed by a doctor to return to the U.S. immediately for further medical attention. Belcher has since underwent emergency surgery and is currently recovering. Belcher says he was told no contact (training) for six weeks.

According to WebMD, surgery is the only option to reattach the retina and in the majority of cases should restore a patient's vision. However, without the procedure, total blindness can occur within days.

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