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Mayhem Miller Talks About His 'Month in Jail With Murderers'

Newer fans of mixed martial arts know Jason "Mayhem" Miller as the goofy guy who hosts Bully Beatdown, not as a bully himself. Even when Miller instigated a brawl at the end of Strikeforce's last CBS show, it came across more like a prank gone bad than an attempt to pick a fight. And in the clip above, Miller decries Nick Diaz for making MMA fighters look like "thugs."

But it wasn't that long ago that Miller had a reputation as one of the thugs in MMA. He was placed on probation for beating someone up in a bar and later charged (and acquitted) with first-degree burglary. Miller doesn't talk about that part of his past very often, but he opens up about it to Michael Schiavello in an interview that will air on HDNet Friday night.

"I knocked a dude out in a bar," Miller says about the assault charge that reportedly stemmed from a man shoving a female companion of Miller's. "He deserved it."

But whether the guy deserved it or not, Miller paid a price for his actions when he found out later that he was being charged with assault, and that his training as a mixed martial artist made the crime rise to the level of assault with a deadly weapon.

"I was like, 'No way,'" Miller said of the assault with a deadly weapon charge. "I thought that was a myth."

It wasn't a myth, and Miller ended up behind bars.

"I spent like a month in jail with murderers," Miller said. "My cellmate was a dude who shot his friend in the leg and shoved him in the trunk, only to open the trunk and beat him with the car antenna. I punched a dude in a bar -- one time."

Miller says he learned a valuable lesson from the incident: "If you have martial arts training don't punch someone in the face."

Probably good advice for those who don't have martial arts training, too.

The Voice vs. Mayhem Miller premieres on HDNet Friday at 10 PM ET.

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