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Shigeki Osawa vs. Katsuya Toida Ruled No Contest

Shigeki Osawa and Katsuya Toida's bout at Sengoku Raiden Championship 13 held on June 20 was officially changed on Wednesday from a DQ win for Osawa to a no contest.

Toida protested his disqualification with the Sengoku commission and after getting the fighter's and official's statements and reviewing footage it was too difficult to decisively determine whether the fight-ending knee was illegal or legal and so the bout was ruled a no contest. Osawa took two clear low blows in the second round which seemed to cripple the wrestler but the final match-ending blow in the third round was certainly questionable.

A rematch is planned for SRC 14 which is to be held on Aug. 22 but no bout agreement has been signed yet.

SRC 14, August 22nd at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan
Sengoku Middleweight Title
Jorge Santiago vs. Kazuo Misaki

Lightweight Bout
Akihiro Gono vs. Jadamba Narantungalag

Welterweight GP
Taisuke Okuno vs. Nick Thompson
Kenta Takagi vs. Yasubey Enomoto
Motoki Miyazawa vs. Takuya Sato (Reserve)

Asia Bantamweight Tournament Second
Jae Hyun So vs. Hirokazu Nishimura
Wataru Takahashi vs. Tatsuya So
Shoko Sato vs. Takuya Eizumi
Shintaro Ishiwatari vs. Kil Woo Lee

Featherweight Bout (Planned)
Shigeki Osawa vs. Katsuya Toida

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