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Fabricio Werdum's Surgery Is No Guarantee; Neither Is Fedor Rematch

<! mediaid=3125105 AP: img align="right" alt="" src="" />Two things that seemed like definites in Fabricio Werdum's future just a week ago are no longer the locks they once seemed to be.

First, while Werdum does have an elbow problem that is soon to be addressed, surgery has not yet been recommended by any doctors.

And second, the rematch with Fedor Emelianenko that Werdum spoke of in the moments right after his stunning upset is no longer first and foremost on the Brazilian's mind.

News of Werdum's possible year-ending surgery broke about a week ago, but his manager Richard Wilner said his client may have spoken too soon. Surgery is certainly possible, but no guarantee.

"Dr. Fabricio Werdum is the one who said he needs surgery," he said. "But he hasn't yet been evaluated by a doctor. We have an appointment scheduled for next week, so we are still waiting to hear what the doctors have to say. If surgery is in fact necessary, it would be a very minor thing. It's not a traumatic injury."

Though Wilner said they're unaware of what exactly the injury is, its effect is more dysfunctional than painful. it doesn't allow Werdum to straighten his left arm, so it always appears in a bent angle.

"It happens to boxers a lot from repetitive motion," he said. "He's had it for a long time. He's just put off dealing with it for a while because he was training for fights."

If doctors determine surgery is in fact necessary, Wilner believes it will indeed be minor and only knock him out of action briefly. The next question, then, would be who Werdum might face in his Fedor follow-up.

In the moments right after the 69-second victory, Werdum said he'd graciously grant Emelianenko a rematch, and even do so on Russian soil. But once he had a chance to sit back and take in the entire situation, other thoughts came into play.

"That was with the emotions of the fight running high," Wilner said. "Once emotions subside and rationale thought prevails, Fabricio understands there's no upside to a rematch with Fedor unless M-1 puts a significant amount of money on the table. We have no rematch clause in our contract with Strikeforce."

Told that Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem recently voiced a desire to fight Werdum with the belief that he's "100 percent sure I'm going to beat him," Wilner laughed.

"He guarantees he'll win, just like the last time Fabricio kicked his ass," he said. (Werdum defeated Overeem by kimura in the 2006 PRIDE Open Weight Grand Prix.)

"While we're open to the possibility of fighting Fedor again, whatever opportunity that Strikeforce puts in front of us, as long as it makes sense, we'll consider it," Wilner said.

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