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Cain Velasquez Won't Trade Trash Talk With Brock Lesnar

If you're one of the fans who wanted Shane Carwin to engage in a little talk trash with Brock Lesnar to hype their UFC 116 fight, Cain Velasquez has some bad news for you.

Velasquez tells Fight Magazine that as he prepares to fight Lesnar at UFC 121, he's going to take the Carwin approach: He'll show nothing but respect for the champion.

"That's not my style," Velasquez said. "I'm going to show you. That's what I do -- I don't talk, I'm going to show you."


Analyzing Lesnar as an opponent, Velasquez said identified some holes in Lesnar's striking while watching the Carwin fight, but mostly he was just impressed with Lesnar's performance.

"I thought he looked good," Velasquez said. "I thought he showed a lot of heart. a lot of guys wouldn't have gotten past that first round with Shane. ... He has the heart of a true champion."

I was as entertained as the next guy by Frank Mir's war of words with Lesnar prior to UFC 100, and I think there's some value in the use of brash statements to sell pay-per-views, as everyone from Rampage Jackson to Floyd Mayweather to Vince McMahon has shown. But for the most part I prefer the way Carwin and Velasquez do things. The Chael Sonnen approach doesn't make a challenger a great threat to the champion, it just makes him a jerk. Velasquez is approaching his fight with Lesnar the right way.

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