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Impact FC 2 Live Blog: Paulo Filho vs. Denis Kang Updates

This is the Impact FC 2 live blog for Paulo Filho vs. Denis Kang, a middleweight bout on tonight's The Uprising pay-per-view from Sydney, Australia.

FIlho, formerly the No. 2 middleweight in the world, looks to slowly climb back up the ranks by taking on UFC veteran Kang.

The live blog is below.

Sleeveless flannel! Former WEC middleweight champion Filho is back on television.

Round 1: Filho has to be told about four times to walk back to his corner ... They size each other up. Filho misses on a takedown, sits back and stays there. Kang enters Filho's guard. Kang stands up to pass to haflguard. Kang lands left punches. Kang tries to control Filho's left wrist and throws right punches. Kang briefly holds onto an arm-triangle. Kang with shots to the body. Filho gets deep into halfguard, but Kang avoids an escape and they are back in halfguard. scores the first round 10-9 to Kang.

Round 2: Kang with an uppercut and scores a takedown. Filho nicely back to his feet and we're only 20 seconds in. Filho comes in with a right. Filho drives in for the takedown. Kang tries a switch but Filo takes advantage, putting Kang in halfguard. Filho works to pass to side mount. Filho lands a big right elbow and adds three short ones. Filho passes to full mount at 2:35. Filho looks like he's going for the arm-triangle. Kang tries to squiggle his way out but Filho has good top control. Nope, not for long; Kang explodes and he escapes to inside of Filho's guard. Kang stands up and drops down a right hand. Kang enters into Filho's halfguard. Kang stays busy with right hands.

Close round. scores the round 10-9 for Filho.

Round 3: Kang tries to sneak in another uppercut, but Filho scores the takedown. Filho climbs into Kang's halfguard. Filho lands right punches to the body. Filho tries to sneak his leg in for full mount but Kang uses the opening to roll Filho. Kang climbs to Filho's back. Filho defends and escapes into side control for himself. Kang gives up his back and Filho gets both hooks in. Kang explodes out and lands punches. Kang with a knee. Filho steps back and takes the back of Kang. Kang rolls for a kneebar, then heel hook. Filho stands up and then goes back into Kang's haflguard. Kang grabs Filho's left wrist for the kimura with round 90 seconds left. Kang escapes to guard. Kang grabs Filho's left arm again, but Filho defends by grabbing his own leg. Fight ends with Filho having head-arm control inside of Kang's halfguard.

Another close round, and fight can go either way. will score it 10-9 for Kang and the fight 29-28 for Kang.

The official scores are 29-28 Filho, 30-27 Kang, and 29-29.

Kang vs. Filho ends in a split draw.
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