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Impact FC 2 Live Blog: Murilo Ninja Rua vs. Jeremy May Updates

This is the Impact FC 2 live blog for Murilo "Ninja" Rua vs. Jeremy May, a middleweight on tonight's "The Uprising" card from Sydney, Australia.

"Ninja (19-10)," the brother of UFC light heavyweight champion "Shogun," faces off against May (7-6), a cast member on season seven of The Ultimate Fighter.

The live blog is below.

Shogun not here with Ninja. According to the tale of the tape, May has a reach advantage of nearly eight inches.

Round 1: May throws a high kick and falls on his butt. May chases Rua wildly with left and right punches. Rua clinches. May claims he was hit low and there's a brief pause. Ninja punches his way in for a single-leg. May escapes and throws a knee of his own. May again with crazy punches. They slow to measure each other up. Ninja lands two straight shots to the body. May drops Ninja with a left hook! May goes on top, but Ninja is back on his feet. Ninja walks back tired. May grabs a headlock from the side. Ninja escapes. Ninja scores the single-leg takedown at 2:20. May turtles and Ninja scores with punches and knees. May stands up and they clinch. Ninja lowers for the double-leg and big slam. May escapes and attempts a short-lived guillotine on the feet. May ducks his head down and Ninja grabs the guillotine. Quick tap and Ninja wins at 0:58.

Ninja wins by guillotine choke submission

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