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Impact FC 2 Live Blog: Murilo Bustamante vs. Jesse Taylor Updates

This is the Impact FC 2 live blog for Murilo Bustamante vs. Jesse Taylor, a middleweight bout on tonight's "The Uprising" card from Sydney, Australia.

Bustamante (14-7) is a former UFC mdidleweight champion and he comes out of retirement to face a former The Ultimate Fighter bad boy in Jesse Taylor (14-6).

The live blog is below.

The opener on the main card. Taylor walks out first the tune of Rage Against The Machine's Bulls on Parade. The 43-year-old Bustamante enters next wearing his BJJ gi and black belt. "Big" John McCarthy is the referee.

Round 1: Taylor opens with a couple of kicks. Taylor throws a couple of punches to set up the clinch. Bustamante reverses Taylor against the cage and trips Taylor down. Taylor gets back to his feet with the help of the cage. This time Taylor scores the double leg with Bustamante's back against the cage. Bustamante attempts the armbar and while Taylor escapes, he gives up full mount. Bustamante rolls for the armbar, but misses it and he is back in closed guard. Taylor tries to land punches but Bustamante is doing a great controlling Taylor's hips and arms. Bustamante attempts an omoplata and uses it to set up a sweep right into full mount. Bustamante takes the back of Taylor and works for the rear-naked choke. Taylor escapes and turns into the guard of Bustamante. Excellent display of jiu-jitsu from the former UFC middleweight champion. scores the round 10-9 for Bustamante.

Round 2: Taylor throws a kick and Bustamante waits for him with a right hand. It misses and Taylor moves in to score a quick single-leg takedown. Bustamante stays busy off his back looking for a sweep. Taylor landing short right elbows. Bustamante remains active off his back, making it difficult for Taylor to put out much offense. McCarthy stands them up and the fight is back at 2:55. For some reason, Bustamante is dazed and waves the fight off. McCarthy steps in between them and calls it.

Strange ending. Taylor didn't seem like he did significant damage on the ground, but as soon the fight was restarted on the feet, Bustamante looked out of it.

The official result is a "verbal submission."

Taylor wins by verbal submission

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